Making a difference to the way we beautify



Beauty Confidence

Making a difference to the way we beautify

It is all about having confidence in making the right choices. This book makes it possible to go completely natural with skincare products, even for those who are juggling with busy schedule.

Revolutionary recipes, newly discovered effective skincare ingredients and practical tips are shared to give the ultimate and only answers to safe, sustainable and completely personalised skincare products – homemade made easy.

Launch date: end 2018


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Here’s a Quick Peek of the Chapters in this e-Book:

Ugly truths

This new book reveals more ugly truths about the impact personal care products have on our environment. What happens to lipstick after it’s thrown into your garbage bin? How many plastic tubes and bottles do we actually produce and how much more can the earth contain? What exactly do those synthetic chemicals in our perfume bottles do to our environment?


The author shares stories of small businesses who truly dedicate their work to making a difference to the beauty industry, and inspires readers to take action.

Practical guide in confidence

The book offers practical tips to create the most effective and safe products without hassle. It also shares newly developed recipes the author has developed with herbalists and aromatherapists alongside renowned chemists, as well as some inspired by ancient recipes used in monasteries. 

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