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There is little or nothing extra that you need to buy for making skincare products. You can use what is available in your kitchen, but it is advisable to use separate tools and keep them away from the regular cooking equipment. An important part of good practice is to sanitize equipment by pouring boiling water on it after applying a disinfectant (learn sanitisation here); hence, plastics are not suitable. The following equipment is recommended for getting started:

To prepare some ingredients made from beans, grains, and other materials. If you are grinding only edible ingredients, then you do not need to buy an extra set for your product-making.

Glass or ceramic containers; airtight in various sizes and shapes.

To keep your finished products. Do consider recycling, but do not use containers used for medicines and food with a strong smell like tomato sauce. See also Chapter 11, ‘Containers’, for some options.



Cups and measuring spoons suffice for most recipes introduced here. However, to achieve a fine texture, it is advisable to weigh the ingredients into small amounts.


This is useful for making infused oils and creams, but it is optional.


It is useful to have several different sizes to avoid spillage of products when transferring into containers.


Although many recipes are simple and heat-free, gloves are needed for sanitation and protection during some of the heating processes.


It is very useful to have an immersion blender for making creams and lotions.


Jelly bag or cheesecloth

For infused oils and tincture. Although it is convenient to use a disposable oil filter paper, I like to use reusable unbleached cloth whenever possible.

Jugs or pitchers (glass; several small and medium-sized)

For tincture and infused oils.


Have fun with labels with stickers or stamps when creating personalised gifts for your loved ones.

Download (Download F3)



Measuring cups (glass)

For measuring oils and liquid, at least three cups will be useful.




Mixing bowls (several small and medium-sized)

For mixing of oils, liquid, and powder. Depending on the portion you prepare, various sizes will come in handy.




pH testing kit

This is optional, but useful for testing the products before usage.




Pots (several small and medium-sized)

Mostly for preparing infused oils and making lotion and creams. Two to three will suffice unless you are making several different types of creams at the same time.



Probably the biggest investment of all equipment. You may be tempted to use food refrigerator, but to store the finished products (and some of the ingredients such as essential oils and oils) I recommend you invest into a mini refrigerator.

For make-up, finer scrubs, and masks.

It is useful to have a good spatula to scoop out creams and lotions into containers, as well as to stir the products.

It is mostly needed for making creams and lotions.

For sanitisation.

For cream, lotions, and other solid products.

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