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What is Homemade Skincare?


Do you hop from one beauty product to another in search of the perfect skincare product? Do you have inexplicable break outs and skin conditions no matter what products you try? Are you obsessed with using make-up to cover your imperfections and try and imitate the flawless skin you see in advertisements? Or do you find yourself confused by unknown chemical ingredients in personal care products, and you just can’t find truly safe and natural products for yourself or your family? Homemade skincare can give you the solutions you deserve.

Many people do not realize how simple and joyful it can be to make your own skincare products. Making your own products requires few skills, and the skill you do need are much like those needed for cooking. Selecting the right materials, a subtle combination of scents and colors, and even controlling the heat and waiting for the right timing, all resemble something you’d get up to in your kitchen. The efficacy of homemade products goes beyond our expectations, too. When you choose all-natural ingredients,every ingredient works in one way or another to build long-term health. Skincare products no longer serve one purpose, such as to protect, conceal, or even enhance. Rather, they are versatile and every time you apply them, you can expect not only immediate results in one aspect, but also slow yet steady improvements to your skin on a deeper level. What is more, we can take great pleasure and pride in making skincare products as the process connects you to your beauty in a very special way.


How bad are the chemicals used in personal care products?


Too Many Chemicals in Personal Care Products

 Part and parcel of modern life is keeping on top of our hygiene. And whether you’re a holistic, easy-going country girl, or living a fast-paced urban lifestyle, chances are you’re reluctant to give up on personal care products. Chances are you have a lot of them too: An average American woman is said to use 12 personal care products daily according to the Washington-based Environmental Working Group (EWG), and teens use even more. What is more, daily products are just the tip of the iceberg: a 2013 study of British households found an average of 65 beauty products in their bathrooms, costing around £2000. Now imagine that almost each and every product we use daily can contain up to 14 different chemicals, thus exposing us to more than 100 chemicals every single day. An investigation ran by the University of Illinois’s Cancer Center found these chemicals disrupt the endocrine system, sending your hormones wild. Whatsmore, Penn State University notes that many moisturizers dry our skin in the long term. Now that’s counter-productive.


Build long-term health

With homemade products, we don’t aim for instant results, although these sometimes can occur – if you have the cravings for instant improvement in certain skin conditions, read Live Beauty (direct to Learn C6). Rather, our focus is on building long-term results. Nature sets its own pace, and the healthiest, most natural paths to beauty take their time. You can’t eat one salad and expect to lose weight, and you can’t use a homemade cream once and expect a problem to vanish. Throughout the process, your skin will eliminate the unnecessary chemicals you built up over the years and regain its natural ability to purify, heal and nurture. Once this happens, your homemade products will merely assist your skin to do their work naturally.


Bespoke skincare product to suit you right now

Many commercially available products stop working effectively after a while because they serve common concerns or targets rather than your very unique ones. At first they address one specific symptom, but over time we suffer what is called “diminishing returns”, where every day we improve less until we plateau. Your very unique concerns and targets change depending on various factors: your lifestyle, the weather, monthly cycle and emotional balance. Having the right product at the right time is the key to enhancing your natural beauty whilst minimizing or preventing common skin concerns. Homemade won’t give holistic long-term solutions if it is a generic formula for everyone which is simply safe and natural. Creating truly bespoke products makes homemade beauty an unrivaled solution to overall skincare. You are the best beauty therapist for yourself. To personalize products is about learning ingredients and recipes but also listening to how your skin reacts to what is happening inside and making positive changes to your lifestyle. Use that wisdom to create your very own products that are truly beneficial –then you are empowered.

That is where the true benefits of homemade products begin. The recipes provided on JoJo-Moka offer clear focus on the functionality of each product: purify, combat, nurture and enhance, whilst giving a plenty of options to personalize each recipe to suit you.


Freedom from the beauty standards imposed by big businesses

The process of creating your own homemade products will work deeper than skin deep. As you learn to cater to your specific needs and experience the true connection between your emotional and physical being, you will enjoy a positive transformation of the way we see your own unique beauty. You will not be chasing the doll-like, identical perfection that big businesses promote, but learn how to embrace the “imperfections” that make you naturally beautiful. You will not be chasing outer beauty but a whole beauty. (“Have a look at Functional Ingredients”)



Healthier family and children

If you are in a position to influence young adults who have little experience with beauty products, going homemade will become even more meaningful. Just imagine how many synthetic chemicals you could have avoided had you started at an earlier stage of your life, and how much strength your skin may have built over the years. Youths are particularly vulnerable to aggressive marketing campaigns on a mental level, and on a physical level to synthetic chemicals that we know very little about.

Download our e-Book Safe and Chemical-Free Skincare for Children (Books download ) to get started. The book will give you a specific guidance with the most suitable ingredients for young people and customized recipes as well as great ideas to get children to embrace and engage in making their own products as fun activities.



The benefits of homemade skincare products go much deeper than skin-deep: they impact our emotional and physical well-being as well as being gentle to nature.


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